Centos 6.5 and PostgreSQL 9.2 Installation

This article is specific to VM Ware Player 6 and Centos 6.5 which will be used to host PostgreSQL 9.2
The guide is not intended to be a production deployment, its simply a basic PostgreSQL installation on a local VM so a group of DBA’s have an environment to use while following a PostgreSQL training course.

References and external sources used in this article.

Vmware Player download. (Free for non commercial use)
select “VMware Player and VMware Player Plus for Windows”

Centos download.
For the 64 bit version go here and select one of the sites.

32 bit available here

PostgreSQL website
The download instructions can be found here. I’ve included them in the steps below in more detail.

Step 1:
Download and install VM Ware player. Depending on your own circumstances you may need to purcahse a VM Ware player license.
Use the link above to download and install VM Ware Player.

Step 2:
Download the Centos .iso file for your OS. (I chose the 64 bit version)
Use the link above to download the version of Centos you need. The .iso file is about 4Gb!

Step 3:
Create a new VM in VM Ware player.


Select the .iso file downloaded earlier as the source for the install.

Enter a username and password. My screen print below names the user Centos_PG_1 and aliases it to user1. you may prefer to be consistent, but its not important.

Enter a name for the VM and select the path to save the VM files.

The installer should start when the name and path has been entered.

Logon once the prompt appears.

The desktop should load.

An optional extra step would be to add another NIC so you can ssh to the server. For the purpose of this article its not needed.
If you want to do this then add it as shown below.


Next follow the PostgreSQL Install steps.


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